BioCeriX was founded in 2008 to support marketing and sales activities for reagents and biochemicals with  applications in the field of  in Pharmaceutical Quality Control, Clinical Diagnosis and Research.

The “Bio” part of our name is obvious, that needs no explanation!
In Greek mythology, Ceryx (or Cerix /Ancient Greek: ΚῆρυξKērux, literally “herald”) was a son of Hermes. He was, like his father, a messenger of the gods.

BioCeriX helps you to spread your message.

Installed in our new silo building, we have broadened our daily business to all type of support to business in general (Housing, PBX, Websites, Marketing, Training, …)

Our current guests are NODIA BV ( Biochemicals and Diagnostic Reagents) and RIVEKA bvba (Grains and Byproducts).